Montessori STEM - Certificate

The Montessori science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) certificate program is designed for credentialed Montessori teachers OR those who have at least three years of employer verified experience in Montessori schools. Montessori educators in this program will learn to improve STEM learning within an authentic Montessori curriculum. Learning in the Montessori STEM Certificate is active and collaborative. The program pairs in-depth, hands-on learning for one week each summer, followed by online mentoring and support during the academic year.

Learn it and use it: the Montessori STEM toolkit

Students in this certificate program get a Montessori STEM toolkit, providing support materials they can use to successfully implement the Montessori STEM curriculum in their classroom. Students work with the material under the guidance of faculty during their two summer courses and take a toolkit with them at the end of each summer session. Personal support helps students integrate the STEM toolkits they will receive into their school’s curriculum. To build more self-sustaining support within the group, students and other Montessori teachers will form lesson-study groups to visit one another's classrooms throughout the school year. Teachers observe each other in the classroom and then debrief to modify and improve their STEM-teaching techniques.

In this certificate program students will:

Hone their skills as a scientific observer

  • Unlock the Story of the Universe using Newton's Laws.
  • Quantify the flow of water in a stream table.
  • Use right angles to measure the world.

Learn to design like an engineer

  • Discover how forces and materials impact the design of our Fundamental Human Needs.
  • Explore and calculate load and effort in simple machines.
  • Understand more deeply the physics and mathematics of our engineered world.


Courses are listed in the order in which they are delivered

EDUC 6860Elementary Earth Science - Understanding the Ground Upon Which We Stand3
EDUC 6040Classroom Technology3
EDUC 6845Classroom Applications3
EDUC 6835Engineering and Mathematics3
EDUC 6845Classroom Applications3
Total Credits15

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure Requirement for Certificates

Federal regulations require that all institutions disclose certain information and statistics regarding non-degree, certificate programs.  Click on the link(s) below for the data provided by St. Kate's for this program of study. 

Montessori STEM Certificate