STEM - Certificate

Program Description

The STEM certificate consists of 12 credits.  Students must participate in a face-to-face meeting on the St. Paul campus of St. Catherine University prior to starting the certificate.


Required course
EDUC 6420Technology Integration Fundamentals3
Select three courses from three different focus areas9
STEM Integration
SySTEMic Integration - Transforming K-6 Education through STEM Instruction
Citizen Science as Service Learning in the Natural World
Literacy through STEM: Using Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking as Tools in STEM
Science focus
The Outdoor Classroom
Foundations of Environmental Chemistry
Elementary Earth Science - Understanding the Ground Upon Which We Stand
Technology focus
Introduction to Computational Thinking and Coding
Physical Computing: Introduction to Arduinos
Hands on STEM: Maker Space in the K-8 Setting
Engineering or Math focus
Making Data Meaningful
Engineering Basics
Engineering and Mathematics
Hands on STEM: Basic Engineering and Alternative Energy
Total Credits12