Education: Kindergarten through Grade 12 - MA

Program Description

The Initial Licensure - Kindergarten through grade 12 option is the program designed for teachers of Spanish or Visual Arts.

The program provides professional teacher preparation that qualifies students for a Minnesota teaching license as they earn a master's degree.  Educational theory is integrated with classroom practice as well as extensive field experiences and a full semester student teaching experience.

The initial licensure program options are offered on the St. Paul campus in an evening/weekend/online format throughout the calendar year.

A number of the courses in the initial licensure options have prerequisites and most of the courses must be taken in sequence. After an evaluation of courses previously taken that may transfer and fulfill requirements, students work with an academic advisor to set up a schedule of classes.

To be licensed, students must pass the required Minnesota state licensure exams in addition to the required courses. Students should review the specific teacher licensure exam requirements with their advisor.

Initial Licensure - Kindergarten through Grade 12 Curriculum

The education courses for students pursuing the Kindergarten through Grade 12 initial licensure are listed below:

Prerequisite Courses
PSYC 1001General Psychology with Lab4
PSYC 2025Lifespan Developmental Psychology4
Total Credits8
EDUC 5070Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society4
EDUC 5090General Methods: K-12 and Secondary4
EDUC 5490School Health and Chemical Health (online)1
EDUC 7540Classroom Management and Assessment Techniques2-4
or EDUC 7780 Advanced Secondary Methods
EDUC 7551Literacy in the Content Areas: Secondary2
EDUC 7650Student Teaching Seminar2
Plus the following Project Courses
EDUC 6600Pathways to Equity Project3
EDUC 6750Introduction to Educational Research3
Total Credits21-23

Kindergarten through Grade 12 Initial Licensure students must also complete courses in one of the content areas listed.

Visual Arts

EDUC 7250Focus Studies In Elementary Art Education2
EDUC 7760Secondary Visual Arts Methods2
EDUC 7890Student Teaching and Seminar in Art: Secondary6
EDUC 7900Student Teaching and Seminar in Art: Elementary6
Total Credits16

World Languages and Culture: Spanish

TEGR 580Curriculum and Instruction: (K-12) World Languages and Culture (taken at UST)4
TEGR 547Field Experience III: Curriculum and Instruction (taken at UST)1
EDUC 7920Student Teaching and Seminar in World Languages: Elementary6
EDUC 7930Student Teaching and Seminar in World Languages: Secondary6
Total Credits17