Education: Curriculum and Instruction - MA

Program Description

The MAED in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) works with professional teachers who are invested in their students' success, interested in expanding their repertoire of skills, and are looking for practical strategies they can implement immediately. 

Online 7-week courses are organized around weekly expectations and delivered through Brightspace/D2L. Students and faculty participate in lively discussions throughout the week about new content and findings. Faculty are accessible, supportive, and dedicated to helping teachers' improve their practice. Learning is designed to be iterative and foster critically reflective practice. Our dedicated faculty bring classroom-based expertise and design courses to facilitate meaningful learning. Course activities and resources foster meaningful improvements in teacher skills and student outcomes.

Classes are asynchronous, so students can choose to work when it fits with their schedules. Typically a course requires 10-12 hours of work a week, distributed over at least three separate days. Most students check in daily and then reserve a few days a week to do a deeper-dive into the new content. Synchronous virtual meetings--with instructors and peers--happen at student convenience to provide just-in-time support or facilitate meaningful dialogue around the content. 

The C&I program is a balanced blend of scholarship, research, and application that makes our graduates better educators and leaders in their communities. All student's research projects are publicly available in the St.Kate's Sophia Database. These action research projects are downloaded by teachers and scholars around the world to help improve their teaching--scroll to the bottom of the page to see a livestream of downloads in process.

The MAED: Curriculum and Instruction Program is offered online. Students attend a face-to-face kick-off session to begin their program. The rest of the program affords students flexibility. Content provided in online learning modules supports interactions with faculty and learning team members, and opportunities to try new skills and strategies within a supportive community available to provide feedback and assistance as needed. The curriculum facilitates overall professional growth and fosters the development of leadership skills in the teacher practitioner.

The Curriculum and Instruction program requires 31 semester credits of coursework for completion. In addition to 13 credits from required classes, teachers may choose from classes in curriculum and instruction such as:  Teaching Academically and Culturally Diverse Learners in a Digitally Mediated Environment; Best Practices in Informational Texts for the Common Core; Making Data Meaningful; and, Literacy and Learning Redefined in the Digital Age.


Required Courses
EDUC 6000Becoming Scholars: Evidence-Based Best Practice3
EDUC 6420Technology Integration Fundamentals3
EDUC 6670Introduction to Action Research3
EDUC 6760Integration Seminar3
EDUC 8920Action Research Project1
Select 18 credits from the following. At least three courses must be from the Curriculum and Instruction course list18
Curriculum and Instruction courses
Making Data Meaningful
Literacy and Learning Redefined in the Digital Era
Differentiation in a Digitally-Mediated Environment
Formative and Standards Based Assessment
Best Practices with Informational Texts K-12
Classrooms by Design
Teacher as Educational Leader
STEM and Technology Integration courses
Best Practices in 1:1
Literacy through STEM: Using Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking as Tools in STEM
Introduction to Computational Thinking and Coding
Digital Video for K-12 Classroom Settings
Physical Computing: Introduction to Arduinos
The Outdoor Classroom 1
The Art of STEM
Citizen Science as Service Learning in the Natural World
SySTEMic Integration - Transforming K-6 Education through STEM Instruction 1
Hands on STEM: Basic Engineering and Alternative Energy 1
Elementary Earth Science - Understanding the Ground Upon Which We Stand 1
Ethics in the Information Age
Hands on STEM: Maker Space in the K-8 Setting
Total Credits31