Leave of Absence

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Leave of Absence

Students wishing to stop attending classes and return after one semester may request a leave of absence. A leave is effective only after the student contacts her or his program office and officially requests and is granted a leave. Students must also meet with their financial aid counselor to discuss the effect their failure to return from an LOA may have on their loan repayments terms and grace period. Failure to register for courses during a particular term does not constitute a leave of absence and could complicate the student's status with the program.

Refunds are made on a prorated basis according to the schedules published in the Summary of Financial Procedures, posted on the Student Accounts website.

Students away from the University for more than one semester must contact the Office of Graduate Admission when they return from leave and prior to registering for courses. Future registration is on a space-available basis and must be approved by the graduate program director.