Exception to Mathematics or Logical Reasoning Requirement

Approved by: University Curriculum and Policies Committee

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A student with a documented disability that impacts completion of a mathematics or logical reasoning course to satisfy the current mathematics or logical reasoning liberal arts core requirement may petition for a mathematics or logical reasoning requirement substitution (variance).

To qualify for a mathematics or logical reasoning course substitution (variance), the student must meet with an access consultant in the O’Neill Center for Academic Development. The access consultant will:

  • Review the student’s documentation of a disability
  • If appropriate, make a recommendation for a course substitution (variance)
  • Write a letter of support for a course substitution (variance)

The student must also discuss the petition for a mathematics and logical reasoning course substitution (variance) with her academic advisor.

The director of academic advising will determine substitute course(s) that correspond to the learner outcomes of a mathematics and logical reasoning course.