Residency - Transfer Credits

Approved by:  University Curriculum and Policies Committee

History:  Bachelor's Degree Requirements Effective Fall 2009 | Associate Degree Requirements Updated Fall 2016

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In order to graduate from the University, students must satisfy residency requirements related to total course work, major course work, and minor course work (if a minor is declared). Course work in residence is defined as all courses registered for and completed at St. Catherine University. In addition to courses taken on campus, this includes course work taken on an exchange basis (fall and spring semesters only) through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (College for Women students only) and approved study abroad programs.

Transferred credits are not considered residency credits. Credits earned through examination (IB, CLEP, AP, proficiency exams, etc.) or prior learning assessment are not considered in residence and therefore may not be used to satisfy the University's residency requirements. Credits earned from courses taken at other ACTC institutions during January term and in the summer do not count toward residency.

Students are responsible for meeting all residency requirements, regardless of the number and type of courses that are transferred to St. Catherine University. The approval to transfer a course or courses in no case supersedes residency requirements.

The University's residency requirements are listed below:

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

  • All credits must be taken at St. Catherine University unless stated otherwise by the program.

Associate Degree Programs

  • 30 credits must be completed in residence.

Baccalaureate Degree Programs Except RN-BSN Degree Completion

  • 48 of the last 64 semester credits must be completed in residence (applies to students seeking their first or second bachelor's degree).

Baccalaureate RN-BSN Degree Completion

  • 30 semester credits must be completed in residence. This requirement is reduced to 26 semester credits for RN-BSN students who have completed a previous baccalaureate degree. 

Major and Minor Residency Requirements

The following requirements apply to baccalaureate students only. Associate program students complete all major (professional) courses in residence unless noted otherwise by the program.

Baccalaureate Major Residency Requirement

  • A minimum of one-half of the courses in the major must be completed in residence.

Baccalaureate Minor Residency Requirement 

  • A maximum of two transfer courses may be counted toward a minor.