Leave of Absence

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Leave of Absence

Students wishing to take a semester off or withdraw from all courses in a given term must request a leave of absence from the University. Students must contact the Office of Academic Advising or their program office before taking a leave of absence to discuss the impact on progression in their program. Students must also meet with their financial aid counselor to discuss the effect their failure to return from a leave of absence may have on their loan repayments terms and grace period.

The academic calendar contains important deadlines for the impact of dropping or withdrawing from a course. Courses are dropped without notation on the transcript until the “Last day to drop a course without a W.” Courses dropped between this date and the “Last day to withdraw” result in a W (Withdrawal) notation on the transcript, which does not affect GPA. Courses dropped after the “Last day to withdraw” automatically receive a grade of F, which does affect GPA. Refunds are determined by the Refund Calendar. Excessive withdrawals or failing grades may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility or academic standing.

Students on a leave of absence are not permitted to live in University residence halls. Upon completing the University's Leave of Absence/Withdrawal process, the student’s Housing & Dining Agreement is canceled. Any refund is determined by the student’s move out date.

Note: A leave of absence may not exceed 180 days. Students who do not begin classes within the 180 period are administratively withdrawn. Students who have been away from the University more than 180 days – but only one fall or spring semester – should contact the Office of the Registrar prior to registration. Re-enrollment through the admissions office is not required in this circumstance.

Associate program students who are away from the University for more than one semester (excluding summer, unless the student is enrolled in the OTA Online program) must request a re-enrollment form from the Office of the Registrar when they return from leave and prior to registering for courses.

Baccalaureate program students who are away from the University for more than one semester should contact the following offices for information on re-enrolling: