Card Access and Keys

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Card Access

The St. Catherine University ID card gives students access to their residence hall building. Replacement cards are available at the Coeur de Catherine Information Desk.  There is a $5.00 replacement fee.

After replacing a lost St. Catherine University ID card, students must have their card re-encoded to gain access to their building. During business hours, students may re-encode their cards at the Residence Life Office. After business hours and on weekends, the Department of Public Safety is available to re-encode cards.

Students who need to replace their ID card after the Coeur de Catherine Information Desk closes should go to the Department of Public Safety to get a temporary card. This card can be used until the next business day when a new ID card can be made. Failure to return a temporary card will result in a $5.00 fee.

Residence Life cannot encode damaged University ID cards.  This includes cards with broken or chipped edges, split or bent cards, and cards with holes punched into them. Students should avoid punching holes in their ID card, or putting tape, stickers, or any other substance over the magnetic strip on the back of the card. Lanyards and ID card holders are available from most major retailers and in the St. Catherine Bookstore.


Students should report lost room, suite, apartment, or apartment mail box keys to the Residence Life Office to have the lock changed or re-cored. The replacement fee is $60 per door lock and $60 per mailbox lock. Residents reporting missing keys one week before the academic year closing or upon check-out (whichever comes first) will be subject to a $100 per key charge. Once Residence Life has requested a lock re-core from Facilities, the fee is charged to the student's account. This fee cannot be reversed should the student find their lost key.

For the safety of all community members, students are strongly discouraged from keeping University ID or any other identifiable tags on their key ring making it easy for someone to identify the student's residence. It is illegal to duplicate any key issued by the University. Students with unauthorized duplicated keys are subject to a lock replacement charge and disciplinary action. For the safety of all residents, it is not permissible to share or loan keys or access cards to others. Students who obtain a key or card access under false pretenses or loan out their key and/or access card will be subject to disciplinary action.