Student Right-to-Know

Approved by:  Office of Student Affairs

History: Revised Aug. 16, 2016, April 6, 2017

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Purpose:  In accordance with Department of Education regulations, to inform the public about their graduation and transfer-out rates.

All colleges and universities are required to provide to prospective students, current students, and the public, that information, deemed "right-to-know", is listed below. Please note the distinction between "right-to-know" rates that combine associate level programs with baccalaureate programs and the graduation rate applicable to only those students pursuing baccalaureate degrees.


  • Graduation rate: the graduation rate after six years for undergraduate baccalaureate programs (four-year degrees) and after three years for associate programs (two-year degrees). These rates are only for full-time students who enrolled at St. Catherine University as degree-seeking college students for the first time. The rates do not include students who began their college careers at another institution and do not include students who enrolled as part-time students during their initial term of enrollment.
  • Transfer-out rate: students who began their four-year or two-year degree programs as full-time students at St. Catherine and subsequently enrolled in another college or university.
  • Graduation rate for 2007-2010: 57%
  • Transfer-out rate for 2007-2010: 31%

The above rates represent an average of the last four reporting years (students who began college between 2007 - 2010) and include all first-time, full-time undergraduate students, including those in the university's baccalaureate and associate degree programs.

Graduation Rate for Students Pursuing Baccalaureate Degrees

For the most recent reporting year (students who began in 2010), the graduation rate for the baccalaureate programs was 66% and the transfer-out rate was 21%.