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ART 2370 Photography and Digital Storytelling — 4 credits

This course is an introduction to Digital Storytelling, an art form that emphasizes personal expression and the use of multimedia production tools to tell true stories. In the course students will produce short movies (under three minutes) using still images and sound to explore the many ways in which small stories convey big ideas. Students will learn how to capture, edit and sequence digital photographs and sound to create self-contained videos that can be viewed by a wide audience on a variety of platforms, including the internet and many mobile devices. No prior photography experience is necessary. A digital camera is required equipment for the course. A portable voice recorder capable of recording .mp3 or .wav files is recommended. This course can be taken in place of the ART 3360 Photography II or ART 3370 Digital Photography requirement for the studio art major with a concentration in photography and the studio art photography minor. Offered in the College for Women.