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ISCI 1200 Web Design — 4 credits

This course is intended to provide a basic introduction to website design and development techniques, using standard languages such as HTML and CSS, and established user experience design (UX) principles and techniques. Students will create a website with an understanding of user's needs and taking a user-centered design approach. Students gain a basic understanding of web content languages, website management, and design, usability principles and information architecture through creating websites validated by World Wide Web Consortium standards. It is a project based course that students will learn through hands-on activity of website design building. At the same time, the course is intended to stimulate student critical thinking about social and justice issues where online technology is either of primary concern (e.g. the Digital Divide, Net Neutrality, and Open Source software) or is used as an important tool (e.g. Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, and recent political campaigns). Special attention is paid to underrepresented and disadvantaged communities, and their access to communication and educational technology.
Prerequisite: None.