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ISCI 4900 Capstone in Information Science and Technology — 4 credits

This course is required for those students in the Information Science and Technology degree programs, including the Digital Humanities (DH) and Information Systems (IS) minors as a culminating learning experience in the final year. It intends to help students integrate the knowledge and skills in information technology and/or digital tools gained through the curriculum and be able to apply these to a real life problem or new research question. Students will gain experience working on a project where they can apply technology to make a positive impact in their community and demonstrate their ability to carry out an information systems/ digital humanities project from beginning to end. The project can be done as an individual or a group project. Students may also revise, expand and modify a project they created in other courses to produce an improved product of professional quality.
Prerequisites: Senior standing. For students in the Information Systems minor or Digital Humanities minor only.