Business-to-Business Sales - BA, BS

Sales professionals play a major role in helping customers select the sources for their goods and services. Strong skills in sales can help any job candidate survive a competitive business landscape. Cultivating sales skills pays off, even in times of recession. Because most sales professionals are compensated based on their performance, experts can earn significant salaries and commissions. The demand for skilled, experienced sales managers is growing faster than the average for all other jobs in the next decade. Students can specialize in niche fields to become more successful. A major in business-to-business sales can be combined with a minor in business administration or finance or communication studies to develop expertise in those niche areas.

Students can capitalize on the many emerging opportunities for women in the sales profession. The St. Kate's sales program will prepare students to become a knowledgeable, ethical professional in a rewarding career. Starting salaries of $45,000 or more are common, and experienced sales people can easily reach incomes of $100,000 or higher. Studies show that more CEOs of U.S. corporations come from sales, marketing and finance than from any other area of the company.

At St. Kate's, students will have the opportunity to learn, work and study with sales and marketing faculty who have real-world experience that enriches their theoretical expertise. St. Kate's unique sales program integrates the critical-thinking and problem-solving focus of a broad-based liberal arts education with professional sales preparation. The business-to-business sales major was developed with extensive input from top executives at 3M and other companies to create a new model for sales education.  This model emphasizes lifelong learning rather than short-term skills acquisition, developing an analytical and conceptual framework that will serve students for the life of their career.

Students who would like to develop sales skills and competencies that lead to business-to-business sales careers, but don't currently plan to complete a sales major may be interested in a sales minor or one or both of the sales certificates that St. Kate's offers. Sales certificate students will learn a solid business foundation along with the ability to build strong relationships and partnerships with customers. Ethics and integrity in sales are woven throughout the curriculum, as are oral and written communication skills, leadership skills and technology skills.

This major is available to students enrolled in the College for Women only.

Common Aspects of All Business Majors

St. Kate’s offers a values-based business education built upon a foundation of liberal arts and guided by the following mission: Grounded in Catholic social teaching, the Department of Business Administration at St. Catherine University delivers a transformative business education, providing students with the confidence, adaptability, and performance-ready expertise to become ethical and effective leaders in their chosen field.

In the classroom, students work to successfully master business fundamentals and gain an appreciation for the interrelated nature of business functions—tools necessary for navigating a global, competitive business environment. By conducting online research and preparing computer-based presentations, students learn to incorporate technology into solutions for business problems and become prepared for careers in worldwide, decentralized organizations. Examples of this type of essential, highly-relevant coursework are collected in each student’s business portfolio, serving as a showcase of academic accomplishments required for graduation.

St. Kate’s business majors benefit from abundant resources as they move through the program towards their career goals. Exceptional instructors, both full-time professors and practicing professionals with a broad range of experience, provide a balanced theoretical and applied business curriculum. Outstanding women role models and accomplished executives participate on-campus as guest speakers, mentors, and recruiters.  Many of them are St. Kate's alumnae and employees of the 60+ companies attending St. Kate's annual on-campus job fair—the largest of any Minnesota private college or university.

St. Kate’s business administration department, part of the School of Business and Professional Studies, offers a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science in one of the following fields:


  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Business-to-Business Sales
  • Healthcare Sales
  • Healthcare Management
  • International Business and Economics


  • Accounting

  • Business Administration
  • Financial Economics
  • Finance

  • Healthcare Sales
  • Integrated Marketing Communications and Design
  • Sales

*See individual major descriptions or the Programs of Study section of this catalog for information about which college offers the program (the College for Women or the College for Adults).

See also: Accounting, Healthcare Sales, Business Management, Healthcare Sales Certificate, Sales Certificate

This major is offered in the College for Women only.


ACCT 3202Business Finance2
BUSI 2012Business Analytics2
BUSI 2502Global Business2
BUSI 2652Legal Environment of Business2
BUSI 3652Business Law - Contracts2
BUSI 4752Business Practicum2
BUSI 4800Business Portfolio0
MKTG 2302Introduction to Marketing2
MKTG 2350WIntegrated Marketing Communications4
SALE 2332Introduction to Selling2
SALE 3212Finance for Sales2
SALE 3330Professional Sales: Customer Centered Selling4
SALE 3432Customer Intelligence2
SALE 3632Ethics and Integrity in Selling2
SALE 4430Advanced Sales: Strategic Account Management4
Total Credits34
Required Supporting Courses (minimum grade of C- required)
ACCT 2112Financial Accounting I2
ACCT 2130Managerial Accounting4
ECON 2610Principles of Microeconomics4
MGMT 2400Principles of Management4
Select one of the following:4
Statistical Analysis for the Social Sciences
Statistical Analysis for Decision Making
Statistical Methods in Psychology
Statistical Analysis
Total Credits18

Business Portfolio

All majors are required to complete a business portfolio. The portfolio is the vehicle that enables students to integrate the life skills and knowledge they bring with them and the knowledge, skills and values learned within the courses and field experiences throughout the program. This portfolio allows students to validate their experiences at St. Catherine University.

The portfolio is cumulative in nature; most aspects are completed as part of course work. Students must present the portfolio to their advisor no later than September 30 for December graduation or February 15 for May graduation.

For specific portfolio (BUSI 4800 Business Portfolio) requirements, please refer to the Professional Portfolio Handbook.

Business-to-business sales majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing MKTG 2350W Integrated Marketing Communications. They complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman or CORE 2000W The Reflective WomanCORE 3990W Global Search for Justice and another writing-intensive course offered in this or another department).