Education Endorsements


In addition to all requirements for the K-6 license, students may add a pre-primary (ages 3-PreK) endorsement or a middle level endorsement. Students who add a middle level endorsement, choosing from the list below, must complete the additional courses listed in that particular content area.

  • Communication Arts and Literature (5-8)
  • Mathematics (5-8)
  • Science (General, 5-8)
  • Science (General, 5-8 for Elementary Education majors only)
  • Social Studies (5-8)
  • World Languages and Cultures: Spanish (K-8)

Endorsement Curricula

St. Kate's offers two additional teaching endorsements for elementary education majors/licensed teachers: Pre-primary (ages 3-PreK) and Middle Level (grades 5-8).

Pre-primary Requirements

Students (College for Women or College for Adults) seeking the pre-primary endorsement must complete the following courses:

FACS 3350Child in the Family4
EDUC 2110Foundations and Theories in Early Childhood Education2
Total Credits6

Middle Level Endorsements (Grades 5-8)

  • Communication Arts and Literature (CFW and CFA)
  • Mathematics (CFW only)
  • Science - General (Secondary students only) (CFW only)
  • Science - General (Elementary Education majors only) (CFW and CFA)
  • Social Studies (CFW only)
  • World Languages and Cultures: Spanish (NOTE: This endorsement is for Grades K-8) (CFW only)

Communication Arts and Literature

COMM 1030Speaking to Lead and Influence4
COMM 2050Media, Culture and Society4
EDUC 3450Literature for Young Adults2
EDUC 3750Secondary Communication Arts and Literature Methods2
EDUC 3910Student Teaching and Seminar: Middle Level4
ENGL 1905WCollege Writing4
ENGL 2202Literary Theory and Practice4
ENGL 2350Grammar in Practice4
Additional literature elective4
Total Credits32


EDUC 3751Secondary Mathematics Methods2
EDUC 3910Student Teaching and Seminar: Middle Level4
MATH 1050Mathematical Ideas in Contemporary Society 14
or MATH 1800 Discrete Mathematics
STAT 1090Statistical Analysis4
MATH 1130Calculus I4
MATH 2500Mathematical Structures4
MATH 2510Mathematics For Middle School Teachers4
CSCI 1040Computers for Multimedia and Electronic Communications2
CSCI 1050Computers for Research and Business2
Total Credits30

Science (Secondary students only)

CHEM 1110General Chemistry I with Lab4
CHEM 1120General Chemistry II with Lab4
BIOL 1710Foundations of Biology I with Lab4
BIOL 1720Foundations of Biology II with Lab4
BIOL 2710Foundations of Biology III with Lab4
EDUC 3752Secondary Science Methods2
EDUC 3910Student Teaching and Seminar: Middle Level4
PHYS 1040Astronomy with Lab4
PHYS 1080Physics for the Health Sciences I4
PHYS 1090Physics for the Health Sciences II with Lab4
Total Credits38

Middle Level Science Endorsement for Elementary Education Majors Only

This endorsement, applicable for Elementary Education majors only, requires the courses listed below and successful completion of all requirements for the K-6 licensure program. Please note, additional courses may be required as part of the middle level general science endorsement.

PHYS 1050Conceptual Physics4
BIOL 1120Biology of Women with Lab4
EDUC 3550Literacy in the Content Areas: Elementary2
EDUC 3752Secondary Science Methods2
EDUC 3910Student Teaching and Seminar: Middle Level4
Total Credits16

Social Studies

ECON 2610Principles of Microeconomics4
or ECON 2620 Principles of Macroeconomics
EDUC 3753Secondary Social Studies Methods2
EDUC 3910Student Teaching and Seminar: Middle Level4
GEOG 2000Human (Cultural) Geography4
HIST 1060Europe Since 1800 (or any other History course other than American)4
HIST 1200Survey of U.S. Political and Social History, 1600-19004
or HIST 2200 Twentieth Century America
POSC 2010American Government and Politics4
or POSC 2200W Introduction to Comparative Politics
SOCI 1000Principles and Concepts of Sociology4
Total Credits30

World Languages and Culture (K-8)

In addition to all requirements for the K-6 license, students who want a K-8 World Language endorsement must complete the following:

 World Languages and Culture: Spanish

EDUC 380Curriculum and Instruction: World Languages and Cultures K-12) 14
EDUC 347Field Experience III: (K-12) World Languages and Culture 10
EDUC 3910Student Teaching and Seminar: Middle Level4
SPAN 1110Elementary Spanish I4
SPAN 1120Elementary Spanish II4
SPAN 2110Intermediate Spanish I4
SPAN 2120Intermediate Spanish II4
SPAN 3050WVisions of the Hispanic World: Reading to Speak and Write4
SPAN 3160Hispanics in the United States4
SPAN 3250Introduction to Critical Cultural and Literary Analysis4
Total Credits36