Grading System

The grading system of the University includes the following grades with appropriate grade points assigned to them:

Grade Points Description
A 4.000 Superior achievement of course requirements
A- 3.667
B+ 3.333
B 3.000 Better than satisfactory achievement of course requirements
B- 2.667
C+ 2.333
C 2.000 Satisfactory achievement of course requirements
C- 1.667
D+ 1.333
D 1.000 Less than satisfactory achievement of course requirements but acceptable for credit
F 0.000 Failure to achieve course requirements

In addition, grades with the following notations are also given:

Grade Description
S Satisfactory; credit given*
U Unsatisfactory; no credit given*
W Withdrawal after official deadline*
I Incomplete
X Grade has not been assigned at the end of the term
AU Audit; credit does not apply to degree requirements*

Grades are available via Kateway once submitted. Students are notified in writing when academic performance has resulted in probation, suspension or other academic action.

Note:  See Core Curriculum and Progress Toward Degree and Graduation sections in this catalog for minimum grade requirement information.