Philosophy - BA

The philosophy major at St. Kate's will teach students how to think - to understand the history of philosophical thought, to consider an argument, to carry out an ethical analysis, to distinguish a well-reasoned argument from a fallacious one, to defend and articulate their own perspective and to write with clarity and precision. Philosophy reflects upon matters of history, medicine, healthcare, psychology, literature, theology, law, business, politics, and science.

This major provides preparation for all careers that require critical thinking, precise analysis and clear written and oral communication and in particular to careers requiring ethical analytic skills, such as business, communications and healthcare. Recent studies show that philosophy majors tend to score very well on the Graduate Records Exam (GRE), the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) - tests required for graduate studies - five percent or higher than others who sit for the exams.

A philosophy major is a good preparation for a career in law and medicine or for graduate study leading to careers in college teaching. Combined with another interest, a philosophy major can lead to careers in fields like communication, information management, business and healthcare administration. There is a growing demand for doctoral-educated philosophers, especially women, to teach at the college level.

Students who would like to major in philosophy will prepare a proposed program with their advisor, then submit the proposed program and a sample paper for a philosophy class to the department for approval.

The philosophy major is available to students enrolled in the College for Women.

This major is offered in the College for Women only. 


The philosophy major requires 32 credits.

NOTE: Students who transfer philosophy courses worth fewer than four credits may need to take more than eight philosophy courses to reach the 32 credit minimum.

Required philosophy courses:
PHIL 2994Topics4
PHIL 4994Topics (one upper-division Topics course)4
24 additional credits selected from PHIL course offerings24
Total Credits32

Philosophy majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing an upper division topics course. They complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman or CORE 2000W The Reflective Woman, CORE 3990W Global Search for Justice, and another writing-intensive course from another department).