Academic Standing and Progression Policy-Associate Programs

Healthcare Certificate and Associate Degree Programs

To advance from one term to the next, students are required to show satisfactory academic performance to meet requirements of their program and to fulfill all financial obligations to the University. Policies for progression within programs are available from the program director and may be more stringent than this policy. The more stringent policy applies.

University probation results if the student's cumulative institutional grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.00. Students are informed by the academic dean's office, in writing, of their status. Students must meet with their academic advisor upon receiving notice of probation. Students will be placed on extended probation or suspended from the University if they do not meet the conditions of probation. Students may apply for readmission after one semester's absence.

Students may petition the academic dean for reconsideration of suspension. Petitions must be submitted in writing to the Office of Academic Affairs on the Minneapolis campus.

Readmission to Certificate or Associate Degree Program After Suspension

Conditions to be met prior to or at the time of re-enrollment may be established, and they will be presented to the student as part of the re-enrollment offer. Offers of re-enrollment will include at least the following conditions:

  • The student will be on probationary admission status during the first semester.
  • In order to remain at the University beyond the first semester, the student must meet the re-enrollment conditions.