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Withdrawal / Leave of Absence

Withdrawal from the University

Students may withdraw from the University at any time by following established procedures. Undergraduate students contact the Office of Academic Advising. Graduate students contact their program office. In all cases, the effective date of withdrawal is the date on which the student contacts the advising or program office. No refunds of tuition are given unless the student officially withdraws. Refunds are made on a prorated basis according to the schedules published in the Summary of Financial Procedures, posted on the Student Accounts website .

Leave of Absence

Students wishing to take a semester off or withdraw from all courses in a given term must request a leave of absence from the University. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor or program office before taking a leave of absence to discuss the impact on progression in their program.

The academic calendar contains important deadlines for the impact of dropping or withdrawing from a course. Courses are dropped without notation on the transcript until the “Last day to drop a course without a W.” Courses dropped between this date and the “Last day to withdraw” result in a W (Withdrawal) notation on the transcript, which does not affect GPA. Courses dropped after the “Last day to withdraw” automatically receive a grade of F, which does affect GPA. Refunds are determined by the Refund Calendar. Excessive withdrawals or failing grades may affect a student’s financial aid eligibility or academic standing.

Students on a leave of absence are not permitted to live in University residence halls. Upon completing the University's Leave of Absence/Withdrawal process, the student’s Housing & Dining Agreement is canceled. Any refund is determined by the student’s move out date.

Associate program students who are away from the University for more than one semester must request a re-enrollment form from the Office of the Registrar when they return from leave and prior to registering for courses.

Baccalaureate program students who are away from the University for more than one semester must complete a Baccalaureate Program Re-enrollment form (available on the Office of the Registrar website) when they return from leave and prior to registering for courses.

Policy on Reservists Called to Active Duty

In the event that a registered student of St. Catherine University is called to active duty in the service of the armed forces of the United States, the following policy regarding the student’s registration and accounts will be in effect:

  1. The student’s official status will be leave of absence.
  2. Tuition and fees will be reduced to zero.
  3. Room and board accounts will be prorated to reflect the exact date of withdrawal.
  4. Bookstore accounts and any outstanding library fines will be the responsibility of the student.
  5. Financial aid will be applied to whatever balance remains on the account, with the remainder of the aid remitted to the federal, state or university accounts from which it came.
  6. If the call for active duty occurs after the 10th week of classes, students may consider arranging for incompletes with the instructor, in which case the student would be responsible for all tuition and fees connected with the class.

Students who are called to active duty should contact the Office of the Registrar to initiate this process.

Readmission to the University

Healthcare Certificate and Associate Degree Programs

Students who are away from the University for more than one semester or those who discontinue work for one semester without applying for a leave of absence must apply for re-enrollment through the Office of the Registrar. Program completion time limits apply to re-enrolled students; time away from the University is counted toward the seven year maximum (five year maximum for major course work).

Petitions for readmission after academic suspension will be reviewed by the associate academic dean. When a student returns to the University after an absence of one year or more she or he will be required to meet the same degree requirements as newly admitted students.

Baccalaureate Program

Students in good standing who have been away from the University more than one semester may apply for readmittance by contacting the Office of Admission. An additional application fee is not charged.

Petitions for readmission after academic suspension must be addressed to the academic dean.

Typically, program requirements established at the time of admission do not change for students who leave the University and return within two years to complete their programs. Students whose absence from the University extends two or more years will need to complete the program requirements under the catalog in effect at the time of re-enrollment. Appeals to this policy should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs.