Spirituality and Leadership - Certificate

Certificate Options

The Organizational Leadership program offers certificates for those who wish to complete a specified cluster of courses within the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) curriculum. Certificates derived from MAOL’s concentrations include:

Common to each is the foundation course in ethics and leadership. A certificate can be completed in lieu of, alongside of, or after finishing the MAOL degree. On-campus certificates require 15 to 18 credits.

Students in another graduate degree program at St. Catherine and individuals who have already earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree may pursue a certificate. Admission requirements for the MAOL certificate are the same as those for the degree. A certificate student in good academic standing may convert to degree status by updating an abbreviated application form.

Any coursework taken for a certificate can be applied toward an MAOL degree within the seven-year completion policy of the program, unless otherwise stipulated. MAOL graduates may complete an additional certificate by adding coursework to their program. Alumnae/i of the program may apply coursework taken more than seven years prior with the permission of the MAOL Program Director.

Spirituality and Leadership Certificate

ORLD 6200Foundations of Leadership and Ethics3
Select one of the following courses:3
Values-led Leadership
Work, Meaning and Purpose
Select four credits from the following courses:4
History of Spirituality I: Early Church to Reformation
History of Spirituality II: Reformation to Vatican II
World Spiritualities
Spirituality and the Life Stages
Jung and Spiritual Guidance
The Art of Discernment
Spirituality And Sexuality
Christian Ethics
Electives from MAOL course offerings in consultation with advisor6
Total Credits16

The theology courses are offered during fall and spring semesters and summer sessions. Spirituality and leadership students work with the advisor for the certificate to devise a spiritual formation plan including such activities as:

  • attending an annual retreat
  • having a spiritual mentor/guide/coach
  • participating in Wisdom Ways workshops/seminars