Doctor of Nursing Practice - DNP

Doctor of Nursing Practice

St. Kate’s post-master’s DNP program is designed to meet the needs and demands of working adults. Completed within 24 months, this 35 credit program is based on hybrid learning, combining online and on-campus sessions.  Students visit campus twice each semester and meet with the same cohort of students throughout the entire program. 

Practicum experiences are structured in such a way that applied learning is enhanced and students have an opportunity to expand understanding of ethical leadership, social justice, interprofessional collaboration, knowledge of the discipline of nursing, informatics, evidence-based practice, organizational systems, healthcare economics and health policy. A final systems change project is required in order to demonstrate program outcomes and focuses on a specific practice issue identified by the student and supported by a DNP Project Team.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 35 credits. The overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required. All DNP students are required to provide documentation of practicum/clinical hours earned during their master’s degree program. A maximum of 460 practicum/clinical hours are applied to 1,000 hours for DNP competencies as outlined by American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN, 2006). Students complete a DNP project prior to graduation and document achievement of 1,000 clinical/practicum hours.

Years to Complete the Program

Students are expected to complete the DNP Program within four years of initial enrollment and will be allowed to re-sequence only once in the DNP course of study.


HLTH 6010Principles of Epidemiology and Biostatistics I3
INDI 8515Outcome Evaluation1
NURS 6012Basic Graduate Nursing Informatics 12
NURS 8500Underpinnings of the Discipline of Nursing4
NURS 8501DNP Practicum1
NURS 8502DNP Practicum1
NURS 8503DNP Practicum1
NURS 8511DNP as Change Agent2
NURS 8520Advanced Evidence-based Practice4
NURS 8525Advanced Informatics2
NURS 8535Leadership in Organizations and Systems: Implications for Practice3
NURS 8536Healthcare Economics and Finance3
NURS 8540Health Care: Power, Policy and Politics4
NURS 8600DNP Project 24
Total Credits35
Optional "Electives"
Optional "electives" from nurse educator program for DNP students interested in teaching nursing
NURS 6693Learner Centered Teaching3
NURS 7453Instructional Technology3
NURS 7553Curriculum Design in the Discipline of Nursing3
NURS 7603Evaluation and Educational Measurement3
NURS 7653Leadership in Designing Systems for Nursing Education3

Clinical Practice

Students complete at least 540 advanced clinical practicum hours related to the systems change project, and need to have a total of at least 1000 clinical hours at the completion of the DNP program. (Note: A maximum of 460 hours may be applied from previous graduate level nursing clinical/practicum experience.) Students identify a site and site mentor for the systems change project, which may be conducted at the student's practice setting. Faculty collaborate with students to facilitate selection of mentors and clinical practicum experiences.