Data Science - MS

Monica, this is where the grad DSCI dept description will reside. This is what you have for the UG level. I don't know if it will also work for the GR dept:

The exigency for people with data analysis, critical thinking, and communication skills continues as the volume and access to data grows exponentially all around.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 31% growth rate in the employment of data scientists through the year 2029. This is a faster than average growth rate when compared to other occupations, based upon a widespread need for statistical analysis of "the increasing volume of digital and electronic data".1

The emergence of "big data" has served as a catalyst for the growth of data science as a discipline, building a solid foundation through the combination of statistics, mathematics, and computer science.  Data science captures the already-present interdisciplinary nature of statistics and mixes with it a breadth of knowledge from many other subject domains.  A data scientist, grounded within a solid liberal arts education, will continue to have influential roles in discovery and decision-making across the broad spectrum of disciplines and industry. St. Catherine University's mission to educate our students to lead and influence inherently contains our responsibility to learn how to think critically, ethically, and globally about information and data.  Our data science students learn to conduct analyses and construct models, to draw conclusions and interpret results, and to allow that thinking to inform the decision-making process - a key component at the heart of ethical, transformational influence and leadership.