Computational Thinking - Certificate

This  certificate will prepare students to integrate computational thinking and coding into their general education curriculum. Students will not only understand the existing free tools available to facilitate student interest and skills in computer science related things, they will see how computational thinking is already present in their content area specialty areas, grade level activities, and the broader cultural, economic, and political functions at large.

This certificate for practicing teachers is a total of 12 credits. This is not a financial aid eligible certificate.

Required course:
EDUC 6420Technology Integration Fundamentals3
Choose three courses from the following: 19
Introduction to Computational Thinking and Coding
Physical Computing: Introduction to Arduinos
Hands on STEM: Animation
Hands on STEM: Maker Space in the K-8 Setting
Internet Fundamentals and Design
Making and Makerspaces
User Experience Design and Accessibility of Web
Total Credits12