Critical and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy - Certificate

This 12 credit online certificate improves teachers’ ability to meet the needs of their culturally and racially diverse students. This certificate can be taken as a stand alone opportunity, or added to a Master of Arts in Education in Curriculum and Instruction or Technology Integration.

Each of these courses supports and promotes social justice, which is at the heart of culturally relevant pedagogical training and teaching. Social justice not only creates an inclusive environment, but it also is crucial in the fight to close the achievement gap in our K-12 students of color and Native students. 

This certificate for practicing teachers is a total of 12 credits. This is not a financial aid eligible certificate.

Select at least one course from:3-6
Native Americans: Building Respectful Pedagogy and Curriculum
Critical Literacies for the K-12 Classroom
Select two or three courses (depending on the number taken above) from:6-9
Literacy and Learning Redefined in the Digital Era
Making Change by Making Movies
Trauma Informed Pedagogy
Addressing the Mental Health and Social-Emotional Needs of K-12 Students
Ethics in the Information Age
Total Credits12

NOTE: Students who do not possess the requisite technical skills will be required to take EDUC 6420 Technology Integration Fundamentals in place of one of the courses listed above. See the program director for more information.