Culturally Relevant Pedagogy - Certificate

Contact Information

Name: Dawn Quigley

This 12-credit online certificate improves a teacher's ability to meet the needs of culturally and racially diverse students. This certificate can be taken as a stand-alone opportunity, or the courses can be taken as a part of a Master of Arts in Education in Curriculum and Instruction or Technology Integration.

Coursework supports a teacher's capacity to use anti-racist, social justice oriented curriculum and instructional strategies. Social justice as a framework for education promotes an inclusive environment that reduces educational disparities for K-12 students of color and Native students. 

Courses are online and seven weeks in length.

This certificate for practicing teachers is a total of 12 credits. If these courses are taken as part of a degree program (MAED: Curriculum and Instruction) they can be covered by financial aid. If taken as a stand-alone certificate financial aid is not available at this time.

Take one or both:3-6
Native Americans: Building Respectful Pedagogy and Curriculum
EDUC 6520
Critical Literacies for the K-12 Classroom
Select two or three:6-9
EDUC 6100
Trauma Informed Pedagogy
EDUC 6555
Making Change by Making Movies
EDUC 6200
Addressing the Mental Health and Social-Emotional Needs of K-12 Students
Ethics in the Information Age
Total Credits = 12

NOTE: Students who do not possess the requisite technical skills will be required to take EDUC 6420 Designing for Online Instruction or EDUC 6110 Best Practices in 1:1 in place of one of the courses listed above. See the program director for more information.