Digital Video - Certificate

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Name: Siri Anderson

Phone: 651-690-6121

Learn to communicate in the most powerful and ubiquitous medium of our time: Digital Video.

In this certificate, teachers and librarians learn how to create manageable workflows to involve students in telling the stories of their lives in digital videos, documentaries, and animations. Teachers develop their own digital video storytelling skills so they can capture their audience and artfully compel them to consider their point of view on a topic. Teachers learn skills for narrative fiction, non-fiction, animation, and journalistic approaches to this communication medium.  Here is video introduction to the documentary course led by instructor Bobak Rasavi.

Courses are online and seven weeks in length.

This certificate for practicing teachers is a total of 12 credits. If these courses are taken as part of a degree program or as part of the Technology Integration Certificate they can be covered by financial aid. If taken as a stand-alone certificate, financial aid is not available at this time for this certificate.

Required courses: 1
EDUC 6720Digital Video for K-12 Classroom Settings3
EDUC 6500Hands-OnSTEAM: Animation in the K-12 Classroom3
EDUC 6555Making Change by Making Movies3
EDUC 6450Literacy and Learning Redefined in the Digital Era (I'll also take through SCC.)3
Total Credits12