Special Education for the General Education Teacher - Certificate

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Name: Siri Anderson

Phone: 651-690-6121

In today’s inclusionary settings, students with exceptional learning needs work with both Special Education faculty and General Education teachers.  The responsibility for meeting the needs identified in a student's IEP or 504 is a shared responsibility of the classroom teacher and special education team. 

Familiarity with the different categories of exceptionalities enhances the capability of general educators to meet the needs of all learners. Teachers who complete this certificate will become familiar with the characteristics of students with exceptionalities and how to meet the diverse learning needs of their students. This certificate will directly address a teacher's ability to meet the needs of students with IEPs or 504s, as well as improve their success with students from historically marginalized populations. 

A goal in this course is for teachers to develop a positive niche construction of neurodiversity so that PK-12 grade students may flourish in the “least restrictive environment” setting of schools.

This certificate is fully online and primarily asynchronous. Courses are 7 weeks in length. The certificate can be completed in a year or less. 

If the certificate is completed as part of a degree program (MAED: Technology Integration, MAED: Curriculum and Instruction), financial aid is available. If taken as a stand-alone certificate, financial aid is not available at this time.

Required course:
EDUC 6400Special Education for the General Education Teacher3
Select three courses from the following:9
EDUC 6100
Trauma Informed Pedagogy
EDUC 6200
Addressing the Mental Health and Social-Emotional Needs of K-12 Students
Making Data Meaningful
Differentiation in a Digitally-Mediated Environment
Best Practices with Informational Texts K-12
Total Credits12