Academic Technology Integration - Certificate

Students will strengthen their efficacy in the digital literacies that increasingly form the backbone of our society with a one year Academic Technology Certificate. Teachers who complete this certificate may not use digital tools more often at the end of it, rather they use the tools they have differently. Shift the focus from the technology to the creativity, critical thinking, and student agency teachers can foster when the digital operates quietly behind the surface.


The EDUC classes are offered online and the LIS courses are taught on the St. Paul campus in the evenings or on weekends - with online assignments as well.

Required technology course:
EDUC 6420Technology Integration Fundamentals3
Choose three courses from the following:9
Best Practices in 1:1
Literacy and Learning Redefined in the Digital Era
Differentiation in a Digitally-Mediated Environment
Introduction to Computational Thinking and Coding
Digital Video for K-12 Classroom Settings
Physical Computing: Introduction to Arduinos
The Art of STEM
Hands on STEM: Maker Space in the K-8 Setting
Ethics in the Information Age
Information Technology, People and Society
Information Literacy in the Digital Age
Internet Fundamentals and Design
Social Media and Emerging Technologies
User Experience Design and Accessibility of Web
Making and Makerspaces
Total Credits12