DNP - Second Certification

Doctor of Nursing Practice – Second Certification

The DNP-Second Certification option provides an educational route for nurses who already hold a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who seek specialization in an area other than that obtained in their master's and also earn their terminal doctorate degree. Students complete the post-master’s DNP program of study concurrently while fulfilling required coursework in their second NP specialty area (pediatrics, adult-gerontology, or psych-mental health).

Degree Requirements

To ensure students meet current practice and licensure requirements, courses and clinical rotations might be substituted to ensure compliance and learning outcomes are met. Students must complete all requirements designated by the track coordinator.

Years to Complete the Program

Students are expected to complete the DNP–Second Certification NP Program within five years of initial enrollment and will be allowed to re-sequence only once in the DNP course of study.

* Fall 2023 enrollment in DNP - Second Certification option is only available for PMHNP. Refer to PMHNP catalog for additional information.  Enrollment in DNP - second certificate AGNP and PNP will begin in Fall 2024.