Healthcare Sales - Certificate

This certificate is offered in the College for Women and the College for Adults.

The healthcare sales certificate allows women and men who are not seeking a college degree an opportunity to develop credentials in the field of healthcare sales. 

A maximum of two of these courses may be transferred from another college or university.

NOTE: FSNU 4350 is not offered in the College for Adults (CFA). CFA students select from INDI 2220 or IPE 1030.


Required Courses
SALE 2332Introduction to Selling2
SALE 3330Professional Sales: Customer Centered Selling4
SALE 3432Customer Intelligence2
SALE 3530Selling in Healthcare4
SALE 3632Ethics and Integrity in Selling2
Select one of the following: 12-4
Medical Terminology
Healthcare Teams Foundations and Medical Terminology
Medical Nutrition Therapy I
Individuals without science background are encouraged to complete anatomy/physiology or chemistry or other suggested science courses to broaden their knowledge.
Total Credits16-18

 Students are advised to check prerequisites before making their selection.