Music (MUS)

MUS 1050 Music in the Twin Cities — 4 credits

Explore the thriving music scene within the Twin Cities in this experiential course where attendance at live musical events forms a significant part of our course curriculum. We will explore a range of musical styles - popular, classical, and world music - at a variety of venues, such as The Dakota Jazz Club, Orchestra Hall, The Cedar, The Ordway, and The O’Shaughnessy. We will visit famous musical landmarks like Prince’s Paisley Park, The Current radio station (89.3), and record stores like The Electric Fetus, Hymie’s, and Fifth Element (RhymeSayers Entertainment) in the pursuit of local musical knowledge and lore. You will develop skills in active listening, music analysis, musicological and anthropological approaches to the study of music, and an awareness of arts organizations in the Twin Cities. Previous knowledge of musical instruments or notation is not required.

MUS 2180 World Music — 4 credits

This course is designed to open up the vast global world of music to you, as well as demonstrate how the world of music also lives in the Twin Cities. We will study many major musical traditions in a range of styles (folk, classical, sacred, popular) practiced in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. We will explore music as an art as well as a social process that emerges from specific cultural contexts. In the course of our investigations, we will also discuss where and how music from across the globe has entered into U.S. popular culture. You will develop skills in active listening, music analysis, and ethnographic research and writing. Previous knowledge of musical instruments or notation is not required. Also offered as CRST 2180. Offered in the College for Women.

MUS 3350W Women and Music — 4 credits

This course will explore the experience of women in popular art and music, examining their roles as performers, composers, and patrons in genres such as opera, rock, sacred music, rap and Renaissance song. Students will investigate depictions of women in music as well as the cultural values that have influenced women's participation in musical traditions in the U.S. and Europe and across the globe. Also offered as WOST 3350W. Offered in the College for Women.

MUS 4954 Independent Study — 4 credits

Independent study offers students the opportunity for specialized research not covered in a course offering, by the action project or thesis. Students work with a faculty advisor to develop a learning contract, which specifies the content and objectives of the study as well as the requirements and procedures for evaluation. The amount of credit earned for the study also is included in the learning contract.
Prerequisites: Permission of the faculty and department chair or program director.