Social Sciences - Associate (SSCS)

SSCS 2000 Human Ecology — 2 credits

Students are introduced to the basic concepts of ecosystems in relation to human behavior and human adaptations within these ecosystems. The role of the individual and society in contributing directly and indirectly to the quality of the environment is emphasized along with the impact of current environmental quality on the overall health of humans. Topics include: over-population, various forms of pollution, nutrition and resources. Offered in the College for Adults. Also offered as ECOL 2000.

SSCS 2040W Power, Inequality and Social Change — 4 credits

This course provides in-depth, critical analysis of uses of power both nationally and globally that result in inequality or, alternatively, in social change. Examples of national and global topics included are: systemic racism and privilege, civil rights in times of crisis, immigrant and refugee settlement, mass incarceration, the global glass ceiling, and social activism. Offered in the College for Adults.

SSCS 2951 Independent Study — 1 credit

SSCS 2952 Independent Study — 2 credits