Theater (THR)

THR 1110 Theater in the Twin Cities — 4 credits

A fundamental fine arts course which introduces students to theater history and to the performance elements found in a variety of theaters throughout the Twin Cities. The attendance and reviewing of St. Catherine University theater productions and Twin Cities productions is a requirement. Visiting artists will acquaint students with the wide range of experiences and opportunities faced by theater artists today. Offered in the College for Women.

THR 2140 Acting: Leadership in Performance — 4 credits

Why are some people perceived as confident and poised? How does one bring the most authentic self to every communication situation? This course introduces theories and processes for realizing authentic communication of character and thought. Emphasis is on non-verbal communication skills, textual analysis and practical application of performance theory. Offered in the College for Women.

THR 2150 Directing: Event Production — 4 credits

This class provides an introduction to the theories and craft of directing and event planning. Areas of study include textual analysis; audience analysis; concept development; rehearsal techniques; identification of event objectives, budget, venue usage, scheduling; and marketing design and implementation. Offered in the College for Women.

THR 2190 Media Communication — 4 credits

THR 2190 is a course designed to examine and explore the components of effective communication through media and the process of realizing a personal style that enhances and facilitates listener understanding. The student will work toward developing physical and vocal techniques essential for clear communication via audio and video channels. Critical assessment tools necessary for the examination of media performances of self and others are identified and applied. This study requires active, invested, receptive participation.

THR 2300 Voice in the Workplace — 4 credits

This course will help students maximize the impact and effectiveness of their speaking voice. The course explores a variety of vocal theories and methodologies aimed at achieving authentic vocal realization of thought and increasing listener reception and understanding of ideas. Offered in the College for Women.

THR 2310 Dance for Musical Theater — 4 credits

Foundation in techniques and styles of dance and choreography for musical theater. Offered in the College for Women.

THR 2684 Directed Study — 4 credits

Directed study is provided for students whose unusual circumstances prohibit taking a regularly scheduled course but who need the material of that course to satisfy a requirement. Availability of this faculty-directed learning experience depends on faculty time and may be limited in any given term and restricted to certain courses.
Prerequisites: Faculty, department chair and dean approval.

THR 3100 Survey of Musical Theater — 4 credits

Why has musical theatre remained a major box office draw for over a century? How does it reflect its birthplace, America, and speak to an ever-changing social and cultural milieu? What is unique and significant about this theatre genre? Why do people hum show tunes? This course explores musical theatre and its evolution by examining significant musicals in the theatrical canon, as well as their creators, components, performers, and productions. The class follows a chronological organization, tracing the development of musical theatre during the 20th century and into the 21st, while unpacking the genre in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, culture, class, and history. As part of the curriculum, students also watch a selection of musical productions, both on video and the live stage, acquiring the skills to critically view and analyze all aspects of musical theatre.