Digital Humanities - Minor

Digital Humanities are a newly emerging area of study with a growing application of digital media and technology in the traditional humanities studies and arts. The digital humanities minor is created for students in any majors at St. Kate's but especially intended for those with majors in the liberal arts and social sciences. The goal is to help students enhance digital literacy and information technology skills grounded in a broad liberal arts foundation and be able to utilize these skills in their primary area of study and professional careers. Students in this minor will gain experience in basic computer and information technology use with knowledge of critical assessment methods and technology implications and will be prepared for a wider variety of career opportunities.

The Information Management / Library and Information Science Department offers the Master of Library and Information Science graduate degree as well as the Information Systems minor and the Digital Humanities minor at the baccalaureate level.

Students minoring in Digital Humanities cannot concurrently earn an Information Systems Minor.

This minor is offered in the College for Women only.


Required courses
ISCI 1000Information, Technology and Digital Society4
ISCI 1200Web Design4
or ISCI 1300 Intro to iPhone/iPad App Dev
ISCI 4900Capstone in Information Science and Technology4
Select two elective courses:8
Photography and Digital Storytelling
Graphic and Web Design
Europe Since 1800
Modern Middle East
Ethics in Communication
Total Credits20