Data Science - BA, BS

Students majoring in ​data science at St. Catherine University will learn to navigate, model, visualize, summarize, and communicate with data in a vibrantly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. 
​Students will ​​create​ appropriate models to analyze and interpret data, ​learn to ask pertinent questions, ​and ​develop ​communication skills and ethics involved in data analytics within a variety of contexts among the liberal arts spectrum. Data Science majors will take courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science to build a solid foundation of analytical and technical skills to apply in a variety of domain (discipline-specific) environments.
If a student decides to pursue a B.S., she will be required to take one full year of either chemistry or physics.

This major is offered in the College for Women only. 

Required Major Courses
CSCI 1110Algorithms and Computer Programming I4
DSCI 1000Data Visualization4
DSCI 3100Data Science I4
DSCI 3200Data Science II4
DSCI 4000WData Science Captsone or Data Science Internship4
MATH 1135Applied Calculus4
MATH 2050Linear Algebra4
STAT 1090Statistical Analysis4
STAT 2080Statistical Modeling4
STAT 2090Statistical Computing4
Total Credits40
Required Supporting Courses
CSCI 1120Algorithms and Computer Programming II4
Select one from:4
Speaking to Lead and Influence
Small Group Communication
Communicating across Cultures, Identities and Differences
Select one from:4
Ethics in Communication
Biomedical Ethics
Total Credits12
Additional Required Supporting Courses for the B.S. degree (must be taken for a letter grade)
Select one of the following:8
General Chemistry I with Lab
and General Chemistry II with Lab
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II