Data Science - BA, BS

Students majoring in ​data science at St. Catherine University will learn to navigate, model, visualize, summarize, and communicate with data in a vibrantly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. 
​Students will ​​create​ appropriate models to analyze and interpret data, ​learn to ask pertinent questions, ​and ​develop ​communication skills and ethics involved in data analytics within a variety of contexts among the liberal arts spectrum. Data Science majors will take courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science to build a solid foundation of analytical and technical skills to apply in a variety of domain (discipline-specific) environments.

This major is offered in the College for Women only. 

Required Major Courses
DSCI 1000Telling Stories with Data: Introduction to Data Visualization4
DSCI 2000Seminar for Data Science and Statistics2
DSCI 2100Introduction to Programming4
DSCI 3100System Administration: Building, Managing, and Querying Databases4
DSCI 3200WAnalyzing Social Problems with Data4
DSCI 4XXXData Science Internship0,2,4
MATH 1130Calculus I4
MATH 2050Linear Algebra4
STAT 1090Statistical Analysis4
STAT 2090Statistical Modeling4
STAT 3090Statistical Computing4
Total Credits38-42
Required Supporting Courses
CRST/WOSTUpper-division (3XXX or 4XXX) course4
Select one from:4
Speaking to Lead and Influence
Small Group Communication 1
Communication in Organizations 1
Select one from:4
Ethics in Communication
Biomedical Ethics
Total Credits12
Additional Required Supporting Courses for the B.S. degree (must be taken for a letter grade)
Select one of the following:8
General Chemistry I with Lab
and General Chemistry II with Lab
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II
Strongly recommended supporting courses:
ART 2250Art and Technology4
COMM 2090Small Group Communication4
COMM 3090Communication in Organizations4
Total Credits12
Highly recommended supporting courses for graduate studies preparation:
CSCI 1110
CSCI 1120
Algorithms and Computer Programming I
and Algorithms and Computer Programming II
MATH 1140Calculus II4
One of the following sequences:8
Foundations of Biology I with Lab
and Foundations of Biology II with Lab
General Chemistry I with Lab
and General Chemistry II with Lab
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II
Total Credits20