Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)

A consortium of mostly Upper Midwest colleges and universities, HECUA sponsors a wide range of semester and short-term, off-campus experiential learning programs for undergraduates. HECUA programs give participants the chance to bridge academic learning with today's critical social challenges. HECUA programs are designed so that each location provides a window for exploring issues of the larger society; program locations vary and include the Twin Cities, Ecuador, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, and Northern Ireland.  Topics of study include contemporary life, the effects of globalization, links between poverty and inequality, environmental sustainability, and ways an individual can bring about social change through writing, observation and active community involvement.

All programs require students to be active participants in discussions, group seminars and their own learning. Students develop skills in critical thinking and analysis through seminars, field study, internships and independent learning. Completion of an independent study project is required. Students meet frequently with their classmates, who include students from other HECUA-member institutions. Programs are open to all majors. Additional information about HECUA and its programs is available at www.hecua.org or through the Office of Global Studies.