Radiologic Studies

The mission of St. Catherine University’s radiologic studies department is to develop ethically responsible highly skilled radiation therapists instilled with a sense of professionalism, compassion and sensitivity.

Radiation therapy students are provided a coordinated and comprehensive didactic and clinical environment designed to maximize each student’s educational experience. Small class size and individualized hands-on training prepare students in a wide variety of treatment and imaging techniques using state of the art technology. 

Critical thinking and communication skills necessary to understand and apply concepts related to the art and science of radiation therapy and multidisciplinary cancer care prepare students for successful career opportunities.

Bachelor's Degree

RTT 3010 Introduction to Radiation Therapy — 2 credits

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic overview of radiation therapy and its role in medicine. Students will be oriented to academic and administrative structures, department personnel and physical structure, common medical terminology, hospital and departmental safety procedures, medical law and ethics, and to the profession as a whole. Treatment and simulation equipment and methods, including CT simulation and various imaging technologies will be reviewed and discussed in terms of its application to radiation oncology.
Prerequisite: Admission into the radiation therapy major.

RTT 3015 Principles of Oncology I — 3 credits

The radiation therapist must be knowledgeable in the concepts important to the practice of radiation therapy. These include the cancer process and radiation therapy interventions. This course examines concepts related specifically to cancer treatment with a focus on methods of improving therapeutic advantage. Technical aspects of simulation and treatment delivery are expanded upon. Treatment related side effects and their management as well as issues relative to caring for the cancer patient.
Prerequisite: Acceptance into the radiation therapy major.

RTT 3020 Radiation Therapy Physics I — 3 credits

This course will instruct students the principles of radiation physics and its medical uses. This includes discussion of structure of matter, x-ray production, imaging in radiation therapy, clinical x-ray generators and external beam radiation therapy units, interactions of radiation with matter, measurement and calculation of absorbed dose, dose distribution and scatter analysis, radiation protection/safety and quality assurance. Pertinent mathematics and basic physics will be reviewed.
Prerequisite: Admission into the radiation therapy major.

RTT 3025 Pathology — 2 credits

This course will enhance the student’s knowledge of general immunology and pathology combined with disease concepts, theories of disease causation and system pathophysiologic disorders most frequently encountered in radiation therapy clinical practice.
Prerequisite: Admission into the radiation therapy major.

RTT 3030 Patient Care in Radiation Oncology — 2 credits

This course provides the student with basic concepts of patient care, including physical and psychological concerns. Vital sign determination, emergency procedures, asepsis, infection control, and tube management will be discussed. Other influencing factors of patient health will be identified. Medical terminology relative to radiation oncology is included as well.
Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Radiation Therapy Program.

RTT 3035 Clinical Practicum I — 3 credits

This course provides hands-on training in the clinical aspects of radiation therapy. This includes treatment procedures and the operation of state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment to deliver radiation safely and accurately. It will begin to develop the student’s skills toward competency as an entry-level radiation therapist. Students will learn to interact professionally, ethically and responsibly with staff and patients.
Prerequisite: Admission to the radiation therapy major.