Background Study Requirement

Minnesota State Law requires that any person who provides services that involve direct contact with patients, residents or clients in a healthcare facility or other organizations have a background study conducted by the state. An individual who is disqualified from having direct patient/client contact as a result of the background study will not be permitted to participate in clinical rotations, fieldwork, practicums or internships. Failure to participate in a clinical rotation required by the academic program could result in ineligibility to qualify for a degree in that program. Students are responsible for maintaining a copy of their background study clearance and providing it to their clinical site if requested.  The State of Minnesota charges a $20.00 fee for the online application plus an additional $9.10 for fingerprinting. All students must complete a background study application through St. Catherine University even if you have completed a background study through another entity, such as your place of employment. The Minnesota background study will be valid throughout your time in your program and does not need to be renewed.