Admission to College for Adults: Associate Degrees

Admission into associate degree and certificate programs in the College for Adults (CFA) is based on an evaluation of each candidate's ability to succeed in the program into which they are seeking admission.

Each candidate is considered for admission based on a holistic review of her or his academic history, personal experiences and motivation to succeed in rigorous healthcare programs of study. Through the admission process for associate degrees, the University strives to admit a student body drawing from diverse cultural, demographic, professional and other communities, with special attention to underserved audiences. The admission committee reviews each applicant's prior academic records, written statement, and personal history to determine the candidate's readiness to make progress toward entering a particular professional program of study.

Candidates must:

  • Submit a completed online application form.
  • Present official transcripts demonstrating completion of a high school diploma, or official scores from the General Education Development (GED) exam; as well as official transcripts from any post-secondary institutions attended, including college, university, technical, business, armed forces, training, medical and professional schools (whether or not credits were earned).  Applicants who have completed any portion of their education outside the United States should consult the website for the College for Adults Office of Admission for additional instructions.
  • If the previous academic record indicates past difficulty, the candidate may be asked to provide additional information or to participate in a personal interview.

Admission as an associate degree-seeking student does not guarantee progression into a particular major course sequence for the Associate of Applied Science degree. After enrolling as a degree-seeking student, each student must meet requirements for progression into major courses. For details, refer to the individual major sections of this catalog or the website of the College for Adults Office of Admission.