Programs of Study

Certificate Programs

The University offers several certificate programs that do not require a bachelor's degree for entry. Students who have a bachelor's degree from St. Catherine University or another institution may complete any of these certificates. Students seeking a graduate level certificate are invited to visit the Graduate Academic Catalog.

Associate Degree Programs

Students may choose from among three majors available at the associate degree level at the St. Catherine University. All of the programs of study are in the healthcare field.

Baccalaureate Degree Programs

There are over 60 major fields of study available to baccalaureate students at St. Catherine University. More than 50 additional majors are available through the combined resources of the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC). Students also may choose to do work in a minor field of study.

Majors in the College for Adults include accounting, business management, early childhood education, healthcare management, marketing, nursing, physical therapist assistant, psychology, public health: community health worker, public health: public policy, radiation therapy, and social work.  (The ACTC exchange program does not apply to students in the College for Adults.)

Baccalaureate Programs


Note: The notation in parenthesis indicates in which college the major is offered.  CFW: The College for Women, CFA: The College for Adults



Associate Programs