Applied Science in Nutrition and Dietetics - BS

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics integrates liberal arts and professional education while teaching its students to lead and influence.  Hands on and integrated experiences form the core of how our faculty educate, emphasizing problem solving and critical thinking.  The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics develops expertise grounded in scientific research and evidence-based practice through an engaging and progressive curriculum, an active and collaborative research program, and a commitment to sustainability, health equity, and the celebration of diversity. 

This undergraduate major is designed as the undergraduate portion of the dual degree program in nutrition and dietetics. In the dual degree program, students complete their bachelor's degree and master's degree in 5 years. In the spring of their third year, an application process occurs for admission into the graduate program in dietetics. Upon successful admission to the graduate program, students begin taking graduate courses in their senior year. At the end of their senior year, if all requirements are met, they are awarded their bachelor's degree. The fifth year is spent completing the requirements of the graduate program. If they are not admitted to the graduate program, they may seamlessly complete the Nutrition Science major. Please contact the program director for more details.