Applied Science in Nutrition Science - BS

Applied Science in Nutrition Science/Master of Public Health

St. Kate's offers the opportunity to apply a student's liberal arts education to the field of public health through a unique 3+2 dual-degree program. The 3+2 program is completed in 5 years and offers students the opportunity to complete their bachelor's degree in applied science in nutrition science while pursuing the master of public health degree (MPH) with a global health focus.

The applied science in nutrition science program develops scientifically literate professionals who can confidently articulate the integration of food, nutrition, health, and societal issues. The foundation of the applied science in nutrition science program includes chemistry, biochemistry, and physiology courses. These science-based courses serve as a gateway into the advanced nutrition courses, while also meeting the necessary requirements for admission into future graduate or professional programs. The applied science in nutrition science students also complete the pre-public health sequence of courses and supporting work for the MPH program. This includes courses in global health and statistics. 

To enroll in this 3+2 program, students apply to the MPH program during their junior year. If they are admitted to the MPH program, they receive a B.S. in applied science in nutrition science upon completion of the first year of the MPH program. If students choose to complete the fourth-year course work for a nutrition science degree prior to applying for the MPH program, they will also be prepared for a variety of entry-level jobs. The curriculum for the applied science in nutrition studies major is listed in the Pre-Professional Programs, Pre-Public health section of this catalog.