Philosophy (Dual Degree) - BA

Philosophy/Master of Public Health

St. Kate's offers the opportunity to apply a student's liberal arts education in the field of public health through a unique 3+2 dual-degree program in philosophy/master of public health, global health focus (MPH). The dual-degree program allows students to complete their bachelor's degree while pursuing the MPH degree.

Philosophy students (College for Women only) will complete the philosophy and pre-public health sequence of courses and supporting work for the MPH program. This includes courses in global health, biology or chemistry, and statistics while providing a special emphasis in philosophy.

Studying philosophy at St. Kate’s helps students develop skills they can use to expose and question hidden assumptions, challenge perceived authorities and problematic traditions, and engage a wide range of perspectives on some of life’s most fundamental questions. The philosophy major also helps prepare students for a career by developing skills in communication, critical thinking and creativity, leadership and collaboration, and ethics and social justice. Philosophy courses at St. Kate's are women-centered. They engage diverse philosophical perspectives. And they teach students how to apply philosophical thinking to their everyday lives.

To enroll in this program, students apply to the MPH program during their junior year. If they are admitted to the MPH program, they receive a B.A. philosophy upon completion of the first year of the MPH program. The curriculum for the philosophy major is listed in the Pre-Professional Programs, Pre-Public health section of this catalog.