Women's Studies

Contact Information

Name: Sharon Doherty

Phone: 651-690-6736

Women's studies is an interdisciplinary field, drawing on knowledge and research from a variety of disciplines - from sociology to biology to English to history - to help students understand women's experiences in the past and analyze women's situations today, both nationally and globally. It includes practical as well as theoretical components and is flexible by design so students can focus much of their course work on those areas that most interest them.

As part of this interdisciplinarity, women's studies examines the experiences of women of different backgrounds, so students can learn about their own location as a woman and about those of women from different racial/ethnic or class backgrounds from their own. The courses students take will help them deepen their understanding of and respect for cultural diversity and develop their awareness of social transformation processes - making the world a more just place for all people, across gender identities. An internship course allows students to choose a place to intern where they can see how the theories they have learned play out in "the real world." Students have interned locally and globally, in such diverse places as publishers, women's shelters, literacy programs, small businesses, government agencies, fair trade organizations, and judicial monitoring projects.