Women and the Arts - Minor

This minor offers a hybrid critical and creative approach to art, gender and community. Students gain critical insight into at least two different artistic fields while pursuing their own creative practice. Focusing on the contributions of women1, students learn about past and present women artists while developing their own artistic talents. Recognizing that gender intersects with other aspects of identity and culture, this minor incorporates courses in critical studies of race and ethnicity and encourages global study and community action. With flexible, cross-listed courses, this minor synthesizes intellectual and embodied artistic knowledge and practice. This minor is well suited for students pursuing careers in fine arts, community arts organizing or arts administration. 

This minor is offered in the College for Women.


The minor consists of 20 credits composed of:

  • courses that represent at least two artistic fields
  • three WOST or WOST cross-listed courses
  • at least one CRST cross-listed course

At least 12 of these credits must come from outside of the student's major(s) or other minor field.

WOST 2050WFoundations of Gender and Women's Studies4
Four credits of artistic practice selected from the following fields:4
Visual Art (ceramics, painting, photography, sculpture, web design)
Music (vocal or instrumental, composition or performance)
Creative Writing (poetry, fiction, drama, screenplays, creative non-fiction)
Fashion and Apparel (patternmaking, advanced construction)
Theater (acting, directing)
Dance (jazz dance, dance for musical theater)
Critical analysis of women's contribution to an artistic field, selected from cross-listed WOST courses that deal with the representation, history or accomplishments of a woman or women in that field.4
Theory of art and/or gender4
Artistic practice, critical analysis of women's contribution to an artistic field or theory4
Total Credits20

Highly Recommended

Two-credit study on women1 and the arts to produce an integrated project. This independent study could count within the 20 required minor credits and would allow the student the opportunity to deepen and manifest her learning.


Internships with the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, Théâtre de la Chandelle Verte, Franconia Sculpture Park, the Women's Art Institute, MN Fashion, Coffee House Press, etc. Courses with global components (e.g, Francophone Women Writers or a course abroad on British Writers and the Woman Question).

Students interested in pursuing this minor should contact the coordinator of the women1 and the arts minor or the women's studies program director to develop their individualized plan of study.


Women are people with diverse backgrounds of gender, class, race, sexuality, nation, age and ability. This vision of women is central to St. Catherine University Women's Studies.