Electronic Media Studies - BA, BS

St. Catherine University's electronic media studies major, offered jointly with the University of St. Thomas, provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in electronic communications. Instructors will share their genuine dedication to the responsible use of language in all its forms and work with them to master their craft. The curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop their powers of clear explanation and persuasion, which are the keys to success for professional communicators.

In addition to communication studies courses, students will study audio production, media culture and society, videography, and the documentary in American television. Students also will be required to take the leadership communications course, a unique St. Catherine University offering that provides opportunities for extensive self-assessment and delves into issues such as ethics, leadership style and personal strengths, all with a focus on women's leadership and following.

Job opportunities in this field include programming/production, news, advertising sales, promotion and administration. Potential employers include radio and television networks, commercial and public broadcast stations, private television production, business and government.

Students will be encouraged to pursue one of the many internships available to electronic media studies majors, including opportunities in the communications offices of major corporations and at small businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, advertising and public relations agencies and radio and television stations and networks. Former students have had internships at Best Buy, BI Performance Services, Dynamark Corporation, Ecolab, Green Tree Financial, Medtronic, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, KMSP-TV, KDWB radio station and the St. Paul Heritage and Festival Foundation.

Students will also find several opportunities to get involved with other communications students on campus. Students who display a commitment to the field and an excellent academic record are inducted yearly into Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's student honor society.

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This major is offered in the College for Women only.


To earn a major in electronic media studies, students must successfully complete 40-48 credits in communication studies distributed in the following way.

Courses Taken at St. Catherine University
COMM 1030Speaking to Lead and Influence4
COMM 2050Media, Culture and Society4
COMM 3030Rhetoric, Civic Participation and Social Justice4
COMM 3070WGender and Rhetoric4
COMM 4600Leadership and the Art of Persuasion4
COMM 4604Internship4
Courses Taken at the University of St. Thomas
DIMA 260Electronic Media Production4
Select at least two of the following courses:8
COMM 264
Media Communication Skills
COMM 332
Documentary in American Culture
DIMA 262
Audio Production
DIMA 342
Foundations in Media and Society
DIMA 360
DIMA 460
Advanced Videography
Elective Courses
Students must select one and up to three additional elective classes from the Communication Studies Department at St. Catherine's or from the supporting classes listed from the University of St. Thomas above.4-12
Total Credits40-48

Electronic media studies majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing COMM 3070W Gender and Rhetoric. They complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman or CORE 2000W The Reflective WomanCORE 3990W Global Search for Justice, and any other writing-intensive course in this or another department).