Longevity and Aging - Minor

The longevity and aging minor is an interdisciplinary minor that examines integrated environmental, sociocultural, behavioral, and biological influences that underlie age-related health disparities within a "bench-to-bedside" framework. This minor is appropriate for students with interests in healthcare, research, aging, and/or health disparities.

This minor is offered in the College for Women only.


EXSS 2500Foundations of Longevity and Aging: Aging in a Diverse America4
BIOL 2720Sophomore Seminar2
LONG 4800Senior Seminar and Portfolio Review0
Select two from:8
Biology of Longevity and Aging
Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Family, Identity and Inequality
Select one from:4
Human and Comparative Animal Physiology with Lab
Biopsychology with Lab
Communicating across Cultures, Identities and Differences
Healthcare Economics
Motor Learning and Motor Control
Biomedical Ethics
Total Credits18