Early Childhood Education with Licensure (with previous Child Development Assoc Credential) - BA, BS

This major is offered in the College for Adults only.


Required Courses
ECED 2200The Art of Early Childhood Classroom Guidance and Assessment4
ECED 2300Early Childhood Education Accreditation and Standards1
ECED 2400Effective Practice in Early Childhood Education4
ECED 2500Technology in Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education1
ECED 3280Infant and Toddler Methods and Materials4
ECED 3350Understanding of Diverse Family Experiences and Student Exceptionalities in Early Childhood4
ECED 3560Emergent Literacy in the Content Areas2
ECED 3600Teaching and Learning in the Lower Elementary Classroom3
ECED 3650Early Childhood Education Student Teaching Seminar2
ECED 4105Early Childhood Practical Life and Dramatic Play2
ECED 4155Early Childhood Sensorial2
ECED 4265Creative Expression in Early Childhood2
ECED 4275Early Childhood Science2
ECED 4365Early Childhood Mathematics2
ECED 4375Early Childhood Language Arts and Reading2
ECED 4385Early Childhood Social and Cultural Studies2
ECED 4810Early Childhood Student Teaching10
Total Credits49
Prerequisite Course
ECED 2040WHistorical, Cultural and Social Foundations of Early Childhood Education4
Total Credits4
Required Supporting Courses
ECED 3340Child in the Family4
HHS 4994Holistic Health for Communities of Practice4
INDI 3400Implementing Critical Literacy in Early Childhood Education4
PSYC 1000General Psychology4
PSYC 2025Lifespan Developmental Psychology (PSYC 2020, or PSYC 2026 and PSYC 2027)4
Total Credits20

Early childhood education majors fulfill the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing ECED 2040W Historical, Cultural and Social Foundations of Early Childhood Education . Students fulfill the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman or CORE 2000W The Reflective WomanCORE 3990W Global Search for Justice, and one other writing-intensive course in another department).

All Minnesota teacher candidates are required to take and pass a series of exams that measure basic academic skills and content knowledge and pedagogy for the age group and course content they will be licensed to teach. During the 14-week student teaching experience, students will complete the edTPA, a national performance assessment required by the State of Minnesota.

Appeals/Grievance Policy

Candidates in the teacher education programs at St. Catherine University are expected to follow the grievance and appeals procedures outlined at the University, found in the current University catalog. If any dispute is not settled after full implementation of the appeals processes as defined, the student may contact the Minnesota Board of Teaching per MN Statute 122A.09, Subdivision 4c.