Political Science - Minor

Political science is the study of systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts and political behaviors. At its core, this social science concerns itself with the distribution of power and resources, and investigates socio-political and economic forces that have shaped the past and continue to shape the present and future. A political science minor is a great addition to many majors and provides students with a fundamental understanding of the structures of political institutions while also recognizing the power of community agency. The courses in the minor emphasize critical thinking, research and writing skills, and provide students with a breadth of American and world politics. In addition to learning fundamental concepts in the intro courses, students can work with a professor to select the upper-level political science courses that best suit their needs and aspirations. Additional political science courses include Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict, Public Policy, Haves and Have Nots, and The Politics of Global Cities, to name a few.

Outside of the classroom, our department works to provide all students with opportunities to enhance their St. Kate’s experience and increase the value they bring to organizations following graduation. Political Science Club is an outlet for students to engage with other passionate peers and local events. Moreover, students are encouraged to pursue internships at local, state, national, and international levels, which will enable them to explore prospective careers, gain valuable hands-on experience and develop personal contacts within their field. 

This minor is offered in the College for Women only.

POSC 1710WIntroduction to American Government and Policy4
POSC 2200WIntroduction to Comparative Politics4
POSC 2250Introduction to World Politics4
Two other POSC courses8
Total Credits20