Women and International Development - BA, BS

The women1 and international development major prepares students for development careers in such contexts as NGOs, government agencies, foundations, and private development initiatives. The program emphasizes issues of justice and sustainability, women’s roles in communities and organizations, applied research, and women’s leadership in development.

With an emphasis on development practice, this major helps students use economic, social, cultural, and political structures to understand the process of development, women’s crucial roles in that process, and persistent inequities in the distribution of social and economic goods. Students will learn the context of globalization to understand how to build a just and sustainable global society with equal rights for men and women across nations and cultures.

See also: Women's Studies


This major is offered in the College for Women.

ECON 1120Economics of Social Issues4
ECON 2620Principles of Macroeconomics4
ECON 3450WHaves and Have Notes: Development, Poverty, and Inequality4
SOCI 2200People, Stories and Images: Qualitative Social Research4
or ECON 3050 Quantitative Impact Evaluation: Applied Research Skills
WOST 2050WFoundations in Women's Studies4
WOST 4850WSenior Seminar4
Select one of the following:4
Environmental Biology with Lab
Race, Class, Gender and the Environment with Lab
Environmental Health
Select one of the following:4
Women and Globalization
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
Select two of the following:8
Communicating across Cultures, Identities and Differences
International Economics: Trade and Immigration
Global Health
Intro to the Nonprofit Sector
Global Cities
Cultural Anthropology
Women's Issues from Global Perspectives
Select one of the following:4
Statistical Analysis for Decision Making
Statistical Methods in Psychology
Statistical Analysis with Corequisite
Statistical Analysis
Total Credits44

WOST Courses: Students must take a minimum of five WOST or WOST cross-listed classes (many in the major are cross-listed, see specific classes).

Substantive International Experience:  Majors are encouraged to engage in a substantive international experience (such as study abroad, an internship, an independent study, or work/lived experience abroad) during their studies.

Students are encouraged to check course prerequisites prior to planning their individual program of study.

Women1 and international development majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing WOST 2050W Foundations in Women's Studies and WOST 4850W Senior Seminar. They complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with two other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman or CORE 2000W The Reflective Woman and CORE 3990W Global Search for Justice).