Health Policy Minor

The health policy minor is a great addition to public health, nursing, social work, and similar majors. The courses for this minor provide the foundation for students to develop analytical skills to enter the  healthcare sector with a solid policy and economics background and strong decision-making capabilities  to lead and influence. The minor prepares and empowers students to take their policy and economics  skills into the healthcare field. With the rapid expansion of health care, this minor is also designed to provide a wealth of employment options for students to assess health, healthcare services, policies, and interventions. Students are required to do an internship during their capstone course to ensure career readiness.  Open to students from the College for Women and the College for Adults.

Required Course
ECON 3250Healthcare Economics4
Choose one from the following:
ECON 1120Economics of Social Issues4
ECON 2610Principles of Microeconomics4
ECON 2620Principles of Macroeconomics4
Choose two elective courses:
ECON 3050Quantitative Impact Evaluation: Applied Research Skills4
ECON 3650Cost-Benefit Analysis4
ECON 4150Econometrics4
HLTH 2050Foundations in Public Health4
MGMT 3850Healthcare Policy4
POSC 3070Public Policy4
SOWK 3910Social Policy for Social Change4
Total Credits 16